Tours in Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco

Camel ride in the Palm trees – Unique

40.00 2h 30min Minivan
Camel ride in the the palm trees, to travel back in time, forget about modern life...
Guided tour of souks in Marrakech Medina
Marrakech, Morocco

Tour of souks in Marrakech Medina

30.00 4 hours By Foot
Tour of the souks of Marrakech Medina is the best way to discover how is the...
Marrakech, Morocco

Special Private Tour of Medina

30.00 4 hours By Foot
Special Tour in the Medina of Marrakech is the best way to discover the city, it...
Marrakech Food Tour
Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech Food Tour – Delicious

35.00 4 hours By Foot
Marrakech Food Tour is mandatory if you will visit our great and amazing city, with a...
Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech Medina Night Free Tour

0.00 2 hours By Foot
Marrakech Medina Night Free Walking Tour one of the most amazing experiences that you can enjoy...
Marrakech Free Walking Tour
Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech Medina Free Walking Tour

0.00 2h 30m A pie
Marrakech Medina Free Walking Tour is the best and cheap way to discover this amazing city,...

Tours in & from Tangier

Tour in Tangier Medina
Morocco, Tangier

Tour in Tangier Medina

29.00 3 hours By Foot
Our Tour in Tangier Medina will take you on a journey back in time in one of the most emblematic,...
Morocco, Tangier

Tangier full-day tour

75.00 6 Hours Minivan
With Tangier full-day tour you will have the most complete visit in and around the city, with private transport and...
Tangier Food Tour
Morocco, Tangier

Tangier Food Tour

50.00 4 hours By Foot
Tangier food tour is a gateway to the homes of the local population and a conquest of their kitchens to...
Full-Day Tour in Chefchaouen
Chaouen, Morocco, Tangier

Full-Day Tour in Chefchaouen

85.00 Full Day Minivan
The full-day tour in Chefchaouen is a must if you are traveling to Morocco, called the blue city, an authentic...
Asilah, Morocco, Tangier

Full-day tour in Asilah – Amazing

92.00 Full Day Minivan
The full-day tour in Asilah with our local guide is the best option to enjoy the city that symbolizes simplicity...
full-day hiking in Rif
Chaouen, Morocco, Tangier

Full-day hiking in Rif – Ecological tourism

75.00 Full Day Minivan
Our full-day hiking in the Rif will take you to one of the most beautiful parts of northern Morocco, a...
Tangier Jewish Heritage Tour
Morocco, Tangier

Tangier Jewish Heritage Tour

45.00 5 hours Minivan
With the Jewish Heritage Tour in Tangier you will know a very important part of the Jews history in the...

Tours in & from Fez

Fez, Morocco

Tour in Fez Medina – All Center

30.00 3 or 6 hours Varios
Join us in our full-day tour in Fez Medina and let jump in a time machine & travel 1220 years...
Full-day Volubilis & Meknes Tour
Fez, Morocco

Full-day Volubilis & Meknes Tour

87.00 Full Day Minivan
The Full-day Volubilis & Meknes Tour is the best tour to discover and enjoy the remain of the Romain empire...
Cooking class experience in Fez
Fez, Morocco

Cooking class experience in Fez

49.00 4 horas A pie
With our cooking class experience in Fez, we will take you to live an unforgettable day with us and you...
Blue pearl Tour, Chefchaouen
Chaouen, Fez, Morocco

Blue pearl Tour, Chefchaouen

89.00 Full Day Private
Tour in the blue pearl, Chefchaouen is a mandatory option for all travelers who arrive in Morocco, an amazing and...
Fez Jewish Heritage Tour
Fez, Morocco

Fez Jewish Heritage Tour

70.00 Día completo A pie
In the Jewish heritage tour in Fez, we will know the history of one of the most important moroccan Jewish...

If you are going to visit Morocco, as a local who lives in this wonderful country, I will give you tips and recommendations to make your trip as enjoyable and fun as possible.

What to see and do in Morocco in 2 days entering through Tangier?

Day 1: Assuming you start at 9 in the morning, take advantage of the first day to get to know the city of Tangier, only the old town since it is the most beautiful of the city (4 hours), Lunch on the Asilah route and visit the city of Asilah after (3 hours). At the end, you can sleep in Asilah or spend the night in Chefchaouen (the second option is preferable).

Day 2: See the city of Chauen very early and during the morning (5 hours), take advantage of the blue streets before the movement of people begins and also after the markets and the entire old town are full. Have an early lunch and move to Tetouan or to Tangier if you have a flight from Tangier, if you go to Spain by boat then you can go to Tetouan, see the old city and the markets and finish in Ceuta if you go by boat.

What to see and do when traveling to Morocco for 2 days landing in Casablanca?

Day 1: Do not waste time in Casablanca, go directly to Fes, it is much more beautiful and authentic, visit the entire old city, the handicraft alleys such as Nehassin, Boujloud El Attarin…. Have lunch in the same area (6 hours). Sleep in Fes.

Day 2: Quick visit to Meknes in the morning (3-4 hours) and return to Casablanca, visit the Great Mosque and it depends if you have the flight the same afternoon or not visit the old neighborhoods of the city a little.

What to see and do in Morocco in 2 days landing in Marrakech?

Day 1: exclusive to Marrakech (6 hours) and if there is an opportunity to visit the palm trees and climb on the back of a camel at sunset.

Day 2: Early to go to Essaouira, one of the most beautiful cities in southern Morocco, visit the old town, eat fresh fish dishes and in the afternoon return to Marrakech passing through the old villages on the way. You will arrive in time to go to the airport if you have the flight on the same day, if you plan to sleep in Marrakech, then go to the first sand dunes to see the night magic of Shara.

What do I need to travel to Morocco to visit?

1- Valid passport (The bureaucracy in Morocco is painful and lens, so it is better to have everything well verified)
2- Visa if required by law (You must consult the website of the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs -
3- Money to support themselves during the stay (The Moroccan government does not take charge if the tourist does not carry money)
4- Medical insurance (The country's public health is best avoided, not because it is bad, but because it is slow, so a medical insurance guarantees you better options)
5- Tours contracted in advance (having a guide in addition to saving time, makes you avoid problems and scares).
6- Cash (Not all sites will accept bank cards, more than 70% will still deny them)
7- Specific medications for non-common diseases (Prescription if necessary, to be purchased on site)

Which countries do not need a visa to travel to Morocco?

Algeria, Germany, Andorra, Australia, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Bahrain, Belgium, Malaysia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Ivory Coast, Chile, China, Cyprus, Congo (Brazzaville) (ESMA required), South Korea , Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, States of the United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Estonia, Russian Federation, Philippines, Finland, France, Gabon, Great Britain, Greece, Guinea (Conakry) (You need an ESMA ), Hong-Kong (stay limited to 30 days), Hungary (stay limited to 30 days), Indonesia, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mali (Need an ESMA), Malta , Mexico, Monaco, Niger, Norway, New Zealand, Oman, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Macao Administrative Region, Czech Republic, Romania, San Marino, Senegal, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey

What things should I avoid when traveling to Morocco?

1- Being a Muslim country (Although liberal), it is better to avoid scenes with a sexual nature or with too much contact. Cuddling or holding hands is very normal, but touching or kissing in public is very frowned upon.
2- Drinking alcohol in the street, there are bars in hotels, discos and different types of entertainment venues, but drinking in the street is not well seen.
3- Walking without a local through unsupervised areas (We always recommend walking with a guide in the old town and especially if it is afternoon / night)
4- Insulting a local, don't even think about doing it to her face.
5- Bribe the police (Although the locals do it, but your best not)
6- Make obscene or bad comments about the locals (Many of them speak up to 4 languages)

Can I drive in Morocco with my driving license?

Definitely YES, the question is whether we recommend it or not?
The truth better than not, Moroccan car insurance is a real mess, in case of an accident and it was not your fault you can forget about the insurance or at least forget about a normal procedure, it will take forever to receive notifications or refunds in case you receive them. If the accident is your fault, well, even if you have insurance, they will make you dizzy asking you to pay the damages there since they will not believe that the insurance will reward them or that it will do it quickly.

Driving in Morocco sometimes becomes a real adventure, zigzagging between pedestrians and honking the horn all the time becomes a scene from a movie, many describe the experience as CRAZY.

Are prices high in Morocco?

Comparing with western countries, the prices in Morocco are quite cheap. You can talk about 2 types of businesses, fixed price (Restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, bars, nightclubs ...) and negotiable prices (Crafts, locally made clothing, white label clothing, art ...)

Haggling is a custom similar to what can be found in all Middle Eastern countries in general, so enjoy doing it as it is part of local life.