Tours in Havana

Havana tour & Cuban revolution
Cuba, Havana

Havana tour & Cuban revolution

15.00 3 hours By Foot
The tour of Havana and the Cuban Revolution is an opportunity to know the...
Viñales & the Habanos factory
Cuba, Havana

Viñales & the Habanos factory

55.00 Full Day Private
The visit to Viñales and the Cigar Habanos factory is an opportunity to discover...
Cuba, Havana

Complete Tour of Colonial Havana – Private & Free

15.00 3 hours By Foot
With the Complete Tour of Colonial Havana, we want you to meet one of...
Havana Vedado neighborhood tour
Cuba, Havana

Havana Vedado Neighborhood Tour

15.00 3 hours By Foot
With the Havana Vedado Neighborhood Tour the visitor will know one of the liveliest...
Havana 2 shores special tour
Cuba, Havana

Havana 2 shores Special Tour – Private & Free

15.00 3 hours By Foot
The Havana 2 shores Special Tour with our other proposals is essential to have...
Havana Colón Necropolis Tour
Cuba, Havana

Havana Colon Necropolis Tour

15.00 3 hours By Foot
Havana Colon Necropolis Tour is like a visit to an art gallery and not...

Tours in Cienfuegos

Nicho natural park visit
Cienfuegos, Cuba

El Nicho natural park visit – Amazing

42.00 6 Hours Private
The visit to the El Nicho natural park is one of the best opportunities for lovers of pure nature...
Cienfuegos, Cuba

Cienfuegos Historic Center Tour

15.00 3 hours By Foot
With Cienfuegos Historic Center Tour, the visitor ends up knowing the most important historical and cultural places in our...

Things to know before travel to Cuba

How much money do I need to travel to Cuba? Let's take example 1 week

The prices of some things vary according to the provinces. That is important to take into consideration.

Speaking for average tourism, a night in Havana can be between 15 or 35 cuc (1cuc = 1USD) depending on the season.

The high season is from November to March sometimes it extends a little more.

In low season you may be able to find a room for up to 10 cuc but the lower the price lower is the quality.

This price fluctuates more or less the same throughout the country, although in the capital things will always be more expensive.

Then putting an average price of accommodation, example 15 cuc for 7 days = 105 cuc (approximate, he highlighted that because in high season it can be the minimum 20-25 cuc)

Most rental houses offer breakfast for 5 cuc, a meal with a drink included can be between 10 or 12 cuc per person. There are cheaper places, but I do not recommend them because the issue of water that Cubans use with us is fine, but for visitors I do not recommend that they drink water anywhere that is not bottled, that they buy it. The liter and a half knob costs 0.70 cuc. So making price 5 breakfast, 10 lunch, 10-12 dinner; between 25 and 30 cuc taking into account the water, for 7 days = 175-210.

So, calculating 105 + 210 = 315, but it is only a basic estimate without counting on drinks or purchases that can be made outside the accommodation.

For transportation and alcoholic beverages keep read.

Approximately 800 cuc more or less a minimum price (With detailed transport below).

If you add outings to bars and some extra taste ... then it increases the bill

Of course, if these trips are made with someone else it is better because accommodation and transportation are shared in expenses

How much does transportation cost in Cuba?

It is somewhat complicated to calculate since it depends on the distance of each journey, in which city and other factors, but, for example:

- Transfer Airport-Havana, 30 cuc.

- In Havana depending on the activities you do. For example, the classic car ride for 1 hour is 30 cuc (I recommend using a taxi for any transfer because renting a car is much more expensive per day plus fuel in addition to the fact of not knowing the country well and the way how their citizens drive)

- Transfer from Havana to Cienfuegos leaves between 100-120 cuc, by bus it costs 20 cuc per person, but there are many hours of travel that are not worth it for less money

- Transfer Cienfuegos-Trinidad 50-60 cuc

The prices of the experiences are more or less 15 cuc, if you choose one for each city it would be 4 × 15 = 60.

1 Havana

2 Viñales

3 Cienfuegos

4 Trinidad

Return to Havana airport from Trinidad, by taxi approximately ... 120

Remember that all these prices are APPROXIMATE

How much do alcoholic beverages cost in Cuba?

Beer, depending on the brand between 2.00 and 4.00 cuc

The bottle of rum, from 7.00 cuc onwards

Keep in mind that it depends on the site and in which province, but the prices in general are almost similar in general.

What do you need to travel to Cuba? Health issue, bring cash or there are ATMs

Sunscreen that it is most advisable to bring from your country, sometimes it is difficult to find the most suitable for a specific use given the circumstances that the country lives.

There are ATMs and each province has an international bank

But you can travel with cash and if you need to make withdrawals you can do it here, what we always recommend is to check with your bank about the commissions that apply and if there are restrictions.

Health, it is recommended and almost mandatory to travel with medical insurance that serves them in Cuba, but if you do not pay and have any medical need, they are given here without any problem, but you will have to pay it.

Best epoch to travel to Cuba?

Best time to travel ... is the high season because it is when temperatures are still pleasant between ... 18-22-25 degrees. From May the heat increases and for those who are not adapted, they spend the day drenched in sweat

Bring antiperspirant deodorants to avoid those sweats a bit ?

The high season is from November to March sometimes it extends a little more.

What things to avoid when traveling to Cuba?

Mainly like all countries, precautions should be taken in general, but we highlight some recommendations:

1- Avoid on the street, where there are crowds of people, take cash from ATMs, and if you need to do so, be accompanied by a local (Guide for example during or at the end of a tour)

2- Never drink water anywhere if it is not safe, the best option is to buy it.

3- Unfortunately there are many people who are dedicated to tourism and are not of the best quality and try to make a foreigner pay more for a product (That is why we recommend hiring the tours in advance).

4- They will try to sell you something they do not want saying that it is to help the people, just ignore these people, when they do not want something, simply say (NO) and do not get fooled easily (Many sellers say! Friend buy this from me and so on You help me that I have children to support! This is what I mean when I say, do not let yourself be taken or fooled easily).

Do I need a visa to travel to Cuba?

If you are going for tourism lasting less than a month (Expandable), but to be able to access the country you must have a valid roundtrip plane ticket. When processing the purchase of the trip (Organized or individual), you should consult with the agency or airline about the tourist card, which is the visa that allows entry to the country. It depends on the cases, it is delivered when buying the travel package, during the flight or at the airport, but in any case you have to make sure before traveling.

In the event that you do not have the tourist card secured through the previous channels, you must go to the consulate or embassy of Cuba and ask for the tourist card (it will cost 25USD).

How much does the visa to Cuba cost?

As we have mentioned previously, the tourist card is generally included in the travel package or the plane ticket, but the extension does cost about 25USD.

In the event that you do not have the tourist card through the travel agency or airline, you have to go to the consulate or embassy of Cuba and ask for the tourist card (it will cost 25USD).

What is the official currency of Cuba? Is there more than one currencies?

In Cuba it is true that there are two currencies:

First, The National Currency or Cuban Peso

Second, The Convertible Peso or CUC

1 cuc is equivalent to 25 Cuban pesos, but both Cubans and tourists can use either of the two currencies. Currently, you can already pay in almost all places by cards with any of these currencies, in addition you can also pay with MasterCard or Visa cards, in Euro, Dollars, Pound sterling among other currencies in almost all stores, hotels, even the people who are self-employed also accept them.