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What is a Free Tour

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The Free Tour as an option:

Let speak about what is a free tour. In traditional tourism, the private tour or the group tour is the solution that has always served to expose the historical, architectural, artistic and social beauties of each city in each country. With economic, social, technological and connectivity changes, travel conditions were changing, adapting to the times.

Free Tour in ShanghaiAlthough traditional tourism still exists in new formats, travellers and especially young people have opted for the simplest, most economical and innovative, without losing the opportunity to seize every moment of travel.

One of the options is the Free Tour, although there has always been this mode of excursions, but it has been as an option among acquaintances, friends or with some recommendation, but currently it is a solid option in the reach of all travelers.

The options of Free Walking Tours have become increasingly popular and always present in most popular tourist destinations, and the popularity of this type of guided tours is increasing every day.

Free Tours, is it free or not?

Although the Free Tour carries the word FREE, the truth must be clarified by the rules of the concept:

  1. For the tourist the Tour is Free, has no obligation to pay any. Clarified the first point.
  2. For the Guide, although it is a job, it is not really paid, the travel expenses to and from the meeting point are not refundable in addition to food and drink. We will explain this point in detail below.
  3. For the local agency (WE ARE LOCAL AGENCY), it depends:
    1. If the bookings come from the platform of a wholesaler, this means a disbursement by the agency of a sum for each person who signs up on the tour, which varies from 0.60 to 1.20 euros per person, whether they show up to the tour or not.
    2. If bookings are made directly with the service provider’s website, that only entails the costs of hosting, web development and maintenance and online advertising (AdWords, for example).
  4. For wholesale platforms, the only expense involved is hosting, development and maintenance of the platform and online advertising.

Now, that you already know the concept of the Free Tour (no other website has explained it to you like us, does it?), it makes more sense.

The basis of everything is the Tourist and Guide relationship:

When a person decides to travel, carries with him dreams, fantasies and hopes (Read our article: The psychological effects of traveling), what he hopes is to have a positive experience in all the trip.

Free Tour in Alicante CenterIn this concept of work, the guide as responsible for good performance; always seeks to have a good narrative filled with information about the places that are visited, history, architecture, characters and key events; but in addition to having the good communication and feeling with people, make all participants in the tour feel that is very close to them and more than a guide is a friend.

A tourist told me one day: “I always go to the Free Tours because I know for sure that the guide will do his best to earn a good tip.”

This performance is the value that makes the tour a unique experience that deserves a good gratification, the tip, which is voluntary but necessary. Since the guide, since leaving his home, is hoping that he will not lose money for doing such an important job and voluntarily.

If you compare the classic group tours, which can be seen on many websites and even in the reception of the hotels, the same tours are made as the Free Tour, but paying a considerable sum. So, in the case of the Free Tour, everyone wins if there is a good performance on the part of the guide and a good gratification on the part of the tourist.

Good advice; Worldwide 1 Euro is no longer of much value, a good gratification to the work of the guide makes him or her more encouraged to keep working and not change the job to pizza deliver.

And what does the local agency earn?

First, as we’ve mentioned before, the local agency is spending money, in all ways it will have spending, whether it’s hosting, maintaining development, paying wholesale platforms or advertising among other expenses, so they must earn something!

Indeed, the amount given to the guide is always taken into account; if it exceeds a set amount between the agency and the guide; the rest is distributed depending on each agency. But in reality what interests all the agencies is to sell the other tours that they have; which are the real sustenance of the whole project, in those tours, the same guides of the Free Tours and others participate. It is a system that is based on mutual support among all.

Therefore, we always recommend hiring more low-cost tours for these simple reasons:

  1. They cover all the most important attractions in the city
  2. The cost is very low
  3. They are made with traveler with the same tastes

What do the Free Tour for the guide and the agency mean?

Free Tour in Rio de JaneiroFirst of all, they involve great responsibility; showing the city to visitors is not an easy task; it carries a lot of responsibility, knowledges, ethics and safety.

Guides in addition to the training and experience they have; depending on the city where they are; know perfectly the security situation when moving on the streets; night or day; during parties or simply in a morning.

We don’t want to scare our visitors; but we all know that undesirable incidents happen when traveling without being prepared or without investigating the situation in each place well. Therefore, guides have this great responsibility to ensure the well-being of visitors and this same responsibility falls equally within the agency for which they work.

The agency has even more responsibilities:

  • Advising the traveler before it arrives
  • Making easier for them to find places
  • And as often happens, helping to solve complicated problems with hotels or authorities.

So, although they are Free Tours involve effort, expenses and time.

What else can the tourist do?

The basis of the success of any project is the good reputation; and in a world that moves to the pace of the speed of light through fiber optics around the world; the concept of reputation has become somewhat confusing, if not dubious. Agencies profiled all travel forums, the latter becoming over time on sales platforms and not a free forum.

So how can the tourist help in the issue of reputation?

Spending a few minutes of your time. Write one or two reviews in the space that the guides or the agency indicates verbally, by mobile message or email. Writing a review does not take more than 5 minutes when the guides dedicate more than 3 hours voluntarily.

Passing the voice; we have rarely seen that on social networks when posting photos of the trip the who did it mentions the guides or the agency that attended him; if the mention is made with the published photos, this will help greatly.

Recommend to future travelers the contact or give details of the agency that provides services, in some seasons, this option guarantees 33% of the reservations.

A few minutes of your time will make many families live better.

How does our Free Tour work?

First, we are not wholesalers, our project is based on a collaboration of several small agencies and people who are dedicated to tourist services.

The project was born to prevent wholesale platforms from taking advantage of the efforts of the little ones.

We do not charge anything to our partners and we all collaborate in doing our job better; and giving the best service to tourists who choose us.


The Free Tour at its core is the simplest, untethered and emotion-filled way to visit new destinations and make new friendships.


Mohamed BOUZID

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Mohamed BOUZID

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