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Free Tour


  • Up to 20 persons in group
  • No entrance to museums
  • Discover the city
  • Up to 3 hours
  • Safety
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Low-Cost Tour

From 12€

  • Small group (2-8)
  • Museum entrance
  • Longer itinerary
  • Up to 5 hours
  • Transport
  • Security

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Why are we your best option?

The Team

In the cities where we provide services, we have solid infrastructure, local guides with official licenses and certificates, as well as long experience. In addition to guidance, they are people really ready to solve any mishap.


Before the travelers prepares the suitcases, we are already supporting and helping to have everything under control, from the moment they arrives at the destination country until returns home, we give them all the time and attention they requires.


Our services are designed so that all travelers can enjoy, regardless of age, gender or origin. Each tour seeks to meet the highest expectations of all travelers, we never limit the tour duration to the time indicated on the web.

What did our clients think?

More than 90% of our visitors thought that our services are excellent.
Patricia Teran

Patricia Teran

Basketball players +70 Chile on tourism in Russia (Tripadvisor)

In my opinion, there could be nothing more reassuring than knowing a guide who fulfills all his commitments in words from the beginning before sending these travelers friends over 74 years old up to 81.
Mohamed took care of everything, he was very kind to this group of adult adventurers in Russia, he also took care of all the transfers, took wonderful photographs of them and did not stop asking for them until they arrived back in Chile.
Thanks Mohamed, excellent agency. 100% recommendable."

Victoria Gallardo

Victoria Gallardo

Tour Histórico Río de Janeiro (TRIPADVISOR)

"It is one of the best tours I have ever done. The almost 3 hours flew by due to the dominance of our guide Djessy. Her group management and knowledge of the whole place (including points that were not within the route) made the tour a very pleasant and dynamic outing. She was always attentive to any eventuality and open to receiving questions at all times. Very well prepared, with an excellent command of Universal and local History.
100% recommended tour"



Shanghai Tours (TRIPADVISOR)

"I went with two friends and we got Dinna. Very friendly and approachable, she spoke English very well and, to our surprise, even Spanish (quite well too!). We found it an interesting route and we tried very good examples of typical food, not only from Shanghai but also from China in general at very affordable prices (we spent 200RMB between 3 people, including beers that we drank on the street).
We loved the kebab of lamb and soup with pork and shrimp dumplings. We finished very full ....
100% recommended."

Traveling has never been so easy

We answer to all travelers who contact us, regardless of whether they hire our services or simply greet us.

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The Best Free Walking Tour

Free Walking Tour is a project that goes in parallel with other private tourism service projects.

How did it come about?

After many years resisting the idea of changing our approach to work; we arrive to the conclusion that we better use the inclusion philosophy; because it benefits everyone.

We notice that many of the visitors to our private service websites did not find what they were looking for; which is short low-cost tours.

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Free Walking Tour Proposals:

Although the title clearly speaks about free walking tour; it is actually only a small part of serrvices that we offer; where we have our team.

short low-cost tours, but with the same quality we offer on private tours unlike the duration, is the best option to complete the enjoying.

Our team:

In each city where we have our team, we ensure that every member of the staff has the best experience and the people skills.

Our gol is be sure that the tours do not become a bore, each guide is officially recognized.

Our objectiv:

Serve visitors in the best possible way without that anyone feel the weight that have to pay high prices.

We make more visible the cities where we offer the tourist services and try that each visitor take from their visit the best memories.

The forum:

One of the new ideas that we have implemented in this project is the forum, and although it seems a simple idea it is really quite interesting and useful.

Through this option, the travelers who book services on our platform will be able to coordinate and get to know each other before they arrive; in this way we want that our forum to be a link between travelers who will be known and it’s probably the beginning of a long friendship.

To book a free walking tour:

It is essential if you are going to book a free walking tour to fill in all the information in the form, and highly recommended the phone number. With this informations, our team will send you by WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber… The exact information to get to the meeting point.

To book low-cost short tour:

It is essential to make the reservation with advance payment of a small part of the total sum to guarantee participation in the tour.

In case that you do not get to make the payment for some technical reason, send us a request for the form of the website and we will send you additional forms of online payments.

The most important thing is to make sure you have a guaranteed place on the tour as there is always a limit of participant.

If you require additional services:

Need transfers?

Tickets to any event or show?

Do you want to book some accommodation, but aren’t you sure?

These and many more questions that all time before traveling come to mind and only those who live in the destination city know the answers perfectly, so do not hesitate to contact us and our team will be happy to help you dispel all doubts.

What if I want to cancel a paid short tour?

You will notify us with enough time before the tour date and we proceed to the refund of the amount paid.

Of course, if the banks applicate some commissions, it will not be the fault of the platform, which happens with all refunds such flight tickets, hotels… etc.

For any questions, contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible.