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Before talking to you about who we are:

To explain who we are “Free Walking Tour Platform” we will first see why it was born; In the world of business related to tourism, specifically in the part of tours, there is an ingrained system among travel agencies, wholesalers or retailers.

Unfortunately, in this system or practice, the guides who are the persons who add the most value to the traveler’s stay are the last in importance in the business chain. They are the ones who receive the least and those who, in case something goes wrong, are in the center of the bullseye, since they are the ones who receive the most criticism in travel forums and opinion pages.

The guide, as the last in the business components, is the one who receives the least gratification from these agencies.

With the birth of online travel platforms, the system was copied, although giving it some shine, but we guides know that it is nothing more than a decoration that they added to the description and highlighted well-studied words in the SEO of the platforms, a monster in sheep’s clothing.

About us (Free Walking Tour Platform):

We are a group of guides aware of the problem, we reiterate what has been said before, tired of the fact that there are no alternatives other than to create modest web pages that never get to be ranked in advantageous positions in search engines due to the low volume of content.

We can attest to clients who paid incredibly large sums to receive our services; and almost all of the amount went to the agencies, leaving the crumbs for us.

Aware of all this, we have decided to create our project that takes a cooperative form, a kind of solidarity platform. It is a website where the guides can be found, who seek to improve various aspects of this business / service.

We are not one of the thousands B2B, or B2C, which translates into intermediary agencies between other agencies or between agencies and clients, our platform is the result of the work and titanic effort of each guides, it is their direct cover letter, without any agency or platform getting in the way.

When you ask us a question, the guides themselves will answer you directly; in fact, the same guides who published the content and the same guides will be the ones who will assist you when they travel to the published destinations.

Why trust us:

First; With the Free Walking Tour as a platform, direct contact with the guides, this positively affects the entire pre-trip phase; who will help you plan the route better, give you advice, recommendations and make the whole experience unforgettable from start to end.

Second point; and no less important; the costs of tours and other services offered by guides drop drastically as we eliminate the intermediary element in the entire chain of wholesale and retail agencies.

And third; the personalized treatment, although most of the tours are for groups, but you know who you are going to deal with and you can ask for some extra options (possibilities of tailor-made tours) that are not included in the descriptions on the website. Thus, in this way you have the opportunity to get exactly what you want on your trip.


The Free Walking Tour platform is legally registered in several countries, including Spain and Russia.

When making any transaction you have the assurance that the trace of said operation is very clear and legal.

When making reservations, most tours require an advance of between 10% and 20% of the value of the tour, this advance is a way to avoid ghost or Spam bookings; In addition to being a guarantee that you will enjoy the tour you have booked with the conditions described on the web.

Loyalty program:

If you are one of the travelers who hire several tours with a Free Walking Tour platform in different countries and cities that we offer you on our platform; you will have several pleasant surprises waiting for you.

As a thank you for your loyalty; this program will be activated from the moment of contracting the services in a second destination with us.

The guides of the Free Walking Tour platform, our team:

There is a section specially created so that you can see photographs and information about the main guides in each city. Thus, before embarking on the journey, you will see and know; although that yes virtually, the guides who will attend you in the destination.

For any questions you have, contact us via the channel that suits you best and we will respond as soon as possible.






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