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Don’t look at social media’s before travel

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The least that can be said to describe the evil we had to live through is that they sold us a scrap motorcycle as if it were a Ferrari. And yes, I advise you don’t look at social media’s because it is a cancer that infected our happiness.

Let’s clarify why we have them on the web:

Unfortunately, the classification, authority and impression algorithms of any website depend in part on whether you are connected on social networks; it is like a closed circle for any website, so that they give you a good ranking; you have to be present in the social media’s, and if you are; then you are participating in this vicious cycle. You see that we are FORCED to be in the networks.

But above all, those on facebook block you without giving you any reason, for example, try to share anything that has our links and a message comes out:

“Your message could not be sent because it contains content that other people on Facebook have reported as offensive.” The smart facebook team.

As if they protect members of the community; have you looked at the content of our website just in case? They allow very nasty and inhumane things to be broadcast on their networks; but they classify our content as offensive. A paradox that no one can understand.

We have Twitter at least.

Why we advice to don’t look at social media’s:

1- Your privacy:

We are not going to go into privacy issues since there are plenty of articles and even court cases that have shown with solid evidence that from the moment you register on social media’s they start following you 24 hours a day, but it is not enough for them to follow your publications, They go further with tracking your steps, location and even the microphone of your mobile; They always explain it to you with the lie that they want to improve the services they offer you, the zukerberg mafia, they are not ashamed.

“I am not comfortable with the avalanche of false information that is allowed in its political advertising and I do not trust its ability to protect the privacy of its users” Stephen King, The famous writer.

“Users provide all the details of their life to Facebook and (…), the social media’s makes a lot of advertising money from this” Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple

What matters to them is not the happiness of the users, but rather how many dollars the privacy of each one is worth, they turn the human being into pure merchandise.

2- They take away the magic that you had before the trip:

You should not look at social media’s because 90% of the content or perhaps more does not reflect reality; they say that social media’s is the refuge of the unhappy people; and in part it is true, there persons who tries to make there life’s seem perfect, and in the effort to do so they goes from telling the truth to living the fantasy.

You want to go on a trip and you only comment on it to a contact on the social media’s (I say contact because friend can never be), and immediately they bombards you with ads and content related precisely to the theme of your trip, this is called spying, that content at the end make disappear all the magic to the places where you are planning to go, because from seeing them so much before your dream trip, you have already seen everything, being in the place, you look at it with some indifference because, you no longer feel the magic of the first time. The journey becomes merely a boring walk.

3- Accumulated disappointment:

Not only the issue of privacy, but on your trip, you try to take beautiful photos and the pictures you saw on the net before traveling come to mind and you always feel without complete satisfaction; because your photos don’t look that good.

You are not a specialist in Photoshop or in the falsification of photographs; your happiness is in the sensations experienced and not in the photo that you are going to give to zukerberg.

4- Disconnection from the real:

The use of social media’s is comparable to drug addiction, it seduces, pleases, hooks and then destroys.

I had a client who flied thousands of miles; He arrived with his family, asked that I take them first to the most emblematic point of the city regardless of the itinerary.

Given is the customer, as he commands. When I reached the desired point, he took a selfie photo, posted it on facebook and said: now you can do the itinerary and I don’t care; I already had what I wanted.

The enjoyment with the family or the contemplation of the places does not matter anymore; but the competition in who will have more photos to exhibit.

Travel is also looking at the small details of each place, and if you are looking at your cell phone at all times, in the end the result would be better to stay at home.


don’t look at social media’sOur advice is live your moments, don’t give them to the billionaires who own social media’s.

Control aspects of your life and don’t let others control you.

Save the surprises for the best moment; the look of a surprised person is worth an infinite number of times “like” that turns the trip into a bore.

Live your life, do not give it to strangers.


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