How to get up to 20% discount on your tours on our platform?

Very easy by following these steps:

  1. Make the complete reservation of one or several tours.
  2. When making the reservation register your account (activating the box Create an account?)
  3. Search in the web forum if there is already the same tour for the same date of interest.
    • In case there is no entry, create a new one with the name and date of the tour
    • If it exists (step 4)
  4. Leave a comment about the tour you have hired, this is their participation
  5. Share the tour link on social media
Tour Nocturno en Moscu

If for example 5 couples sign up for the Hermitage tour, register and participate in the forum, they will have a 15% discount (5.4 Euros per person), If they are 15 people or more they will get a discount of 7.2 Euros.

The discount will be applicated to the Outstanding the day of the tour. Note that when you book a tour you will pay only a small deposit.

Easy, is it?

To increase the chances of getting the discount, before booking do a search in the forum to see if there are already tours booked coinciding with your travel dates.